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China Sunergy Co., Ltd. (CSUN, Nanjing) on August 20th, 2013, announced that it has received carbon footprint certificates from the French photovoltaic (PV) engineering company Solstyce. The certificates were issued for the mono- and poly-crystalline CSUN modules “Made in Turkey” at its recently opened factory in Istanbul.
The Carbon Footprint certificates are a mandatory requirement to participate in French tenders for solar photovoltaic plants with a size larger than 250 kWp. Tenders for more than 400 MW have been issued for submission by contractors to be handed in until 16th of September.
Poly-crystalline modules with a carbon footprint of 597 kg CO2 per kWp
“CSUN’s ‘Made in Turkey’ products received the Carbon Footprint certificate right on time for our customers to participate in the tender process for larger photovoltaic plants in France,” says William Sheng, Vice President Global Sales and CEO of CSUN’s EMEA operations.
“Particularly our poly-crystalline modules rank among the best of the industry with a very low carbon footprint of 597 kg CO2 per kilowatt-peak. Our mono-crystalline modules achieved the Carbon Footprint certificate at 658 kg CO2 per kilowatt-peak. These results underline CSUN’s strive for excellence and environmental sustainability.”
The modules produced at CSUN Eurasia are made from silicon produced in South Korea and Germany, wafers from Taiwan and Japan, which are then used for cell production directly at CSUN Eurasia.